Eric Henderson

Eric Henderson

Next Level Growth Business Guide
Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

Eric is obsessed with seeing entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their full potential. While creating a successful business is challenging, it doesn’t have to be painful. 

Eric experienced this firsthand while filling the role of Equity Partner and Operations Executive with a Phoenix-based restaurant company, Upward Projects, that scaled rapidly and created a nationally recognized concept, Postino Winecafe. 

During his tenure at Upward Projects, the company worked with Next Level Growth Founder, Michael Erath to implement first EOS, and then evolve to the Next Level Growth approach. Eric was the key contributor to operationalizing and executing their Business Operating System across the organization and worked closely with Michael to master the system and drive it all the way to the local store level. The value of a business guide and the Next Level Growth approach were immediately felt company-wide, unlocking their potential to scale rapidly and secure a private equity investment that changed the game. 

With 20+ years of experience in hospitality, and a deep, first-hand knowledge of how to operationalize Business Operating Systems, Eric is most effective in assisting operators and senior leadership to navigate the ever-changing landscape of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and any business-to-consumer-specific models. Eric started his own Hospitality Consulting business, Winning Formula, in 2021 which specialized in mentoring owners, enhancing team health, identifying obstacles to success, and providing specifically tailored operating tools before joining Next Level Growth as a Business Guide in 2022. 

While Eric can be competitive and laser-focused on winning, he knows the value of having fun, not taking yourself too seriously, and guiding with empathy. He has a knack for quickly developing deep, meaningful relationships with clients and teammates. 

Eric loves living in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Chelsea, and daughters, Makena and Juliet. While Phoenix is home, Eric is available to travel and work with companies across the country. 


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