Mort Aaronson

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Mort cuts through the clutter and gets to the root of the issue with amazing speed.  He credits this superpower to his 4th grade teacher that made him summarize every article in a magazine weekly and present or write a book report monthly.  He empowers quick decisive action and believes that sideways is the single most expensive direction for any business.

Starting his career in startup tech ventures, Mort took a 15-year journey into the Fortune 200 Corporate America, becoming a COO at 38, of a NYSE Energy Company with over $3B in responsibility and the capital to build a portfolio of new businesses.  One day, after realizing he spent 95% of his time on the new ventures vs the core business, a mentor advised him that with “one foot on the barge and the other on the speedboat,” he had to pick one before he was split in half.  Mort chose the speedboat.

He has spent the last 20 years starting, coaching and advising businesses in advertising, digital media, big data, cannabis and ad tech.  During this time, Mort became certified as a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and a Member of the MG 100, an invite only cohort comprised of some of the greatest business thinkers in the world.  The peer group participation and learning has afforded Mort with many new experiences, perspectives, insights and confidence.  Additionally, Mort volunteers his time at Forefront, an MG 100 sponsored program to mentor the next generation of coaching leaders.

His first book, Toughest Table Cooking for Those You Love, is an intimate story and cookbook about a young executive that went home in the evenings to cook dinner for his family and the lessons learned about the selfless task of knowing and delivering what your dinner guests enjoy. He believes this journey made him a better leader, coach, partner, parent and friend.

He resides in Denver with his wife, Sue, and his dog, Marigold.


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