Scott Elser

Next Level Growth Business Guide
Certified Pinnacle Business Guide
former Certified EOS Implementer®

When you meet Scott, it’s clear immediately that he loves working with entrepreneurs and truly cares about their success. He brings an energetic and fun approach to the session room, but is not afraid to push teams higher and get big issues on the table when they need to be raised.

His own experience as an entrepreneur leveraging the tools he teaches is at the core of his success with a diverse set of clients. Scott has led several businesses and the company he founded achieved recognition as one of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing companies in the US. This taught him that while growth is an amazing thing, it creates its own series of challenges and headaches. This depth of real-world expertise enables him to help clients achieve bigger long-term success by effectively crystalizing their vision, focusing their culture, and ensuring the right people are in the right seats with a playbook to win and the financial discipline to fuel their vision.

Scott is both a former Certified EOS Implementer® and Certified Pinnacle Business Guide, and his ability to translate his experience to understand his client’s challenges, apply the right tool at the right time and ability to draw on his own experience is consistently cited by clients as vital to their success. His ability to keep things both productive and entertaining has enabled him to maintain session ratings over 9.5 both in-person and virtually.

Passionate about constant growing his own skills, Scott is an alumni of peer learning groups including Vistage, Eliances, the Forbes Agency Council and is a contributing writer to a range of publications including Inc Magazine and Forbes and hosts his own podcast. Outside of working he’s an avid traveler, enjoys hiking the desert, tennis and enjoys a good day playing golf.


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