Next Level Growth Accelerator

Accomplish in 2-3 months what takes most organizations 2-3 years.

Bring in additional support to help accelerate your rollout of the Next Level Growth foundational tools and concepts that you have learned from working with your Next Level Growth Guide.

Learn how a Next Level Growth Accelerator Coach can embed with your departmental teams to accelerate your rollout and get you even more value, faster.

The Challenge

Most Leadership Teams have learned and are using the Next Level Growth climbing tools well within the first six to twelve months of completing Base Camp. However, if you’re like most, you struggle to find the time to slow down, teach, and effectively roll out all the tools to your teams. If that’s you, you’re normal. The problem is that this leaves gaps of inconsistency in the middle layers of the organization. That’s where the support of an Accelerator Coach can help get the entire organization operating cohesively.

While your Leadership Team is fully capable of rolling out what you have learned with your Guide, the do-it-yourself approach can sometimes fall short because you are likely more focused on strategy, planning, and execution at a high level, and not on teaching and follow up with foundational tools and concepts. Maybe you’ve had enough turnover through the years that newer leaders and managers are not embracing and utilizing the Five Obsessions of Elite Organizations® with their teams.

The Solution: Next Level Growth Accelerator

The Accelerator Program consists of full day, on-site work with your departmental leaders and managers, customized to your specific needs, with a Next Level Growth Accelerator Coach who is a former COO and is expertly trained in our tools and concepts. Your Accelerator Coach will come to you on a per-diem basis, as many times as you would like, to help your teams adopt and implement your unique versions of the Next Level Growth tools and concepts.

Many of our clients will schedule multiple days over a two to four month period to get the foundational systems fully rolled out to all leaders, managers, and even to the front lines where necessary. Your Accelerator Coach will work with you to plan and deliver a highly interactive and engaging program of training and development, custom tailored for your entire organization.

Even if you just want a one or two-day tune up, the Next Level Growth Accelerator Program is a valuable & efficient solution.

Typical content incorporated in these days

Your Accelerator Coach

Wendy Evans

Wendy Evans

Next Level Growth Accelerator Coach

Wendy is a former COO and client of our Founder, Michael Erath, and has a passion for refining and optimizing operational systems. She’s a big believer that consistently executing the fundamentals to a high standard can set organizations free to reach levels of excellence beyond anything they have ever imagined, and that’s what she did for years as a COO rolling out the Five Obsessions as a Second-in-Command.

Wendy also knows the leadership team does not always have the time or ability to effectively roll out the Five Obsessions to the extent they would like; it can take years of starts and stops, start-overs, and course corrections. This is where she can step in to help your internal teams get there faster, establishing structure and consistency that, along with the expertise of your Next Level Growth Guide, can set your business up for significantly accelerated growth, fewer issues, a better experience for your customers or clients, and of course, enhanced profitability.

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