Video Guidance

These videos are specifically designed to help leaders and managers in organizations working with a Next Level Growth Business Guide by providing specific training and context on best practices, and things to avoid, when rolling out the Five Obsessions of Elite Organizations®.

Next Level Accountability Chart

Getting your Next Level Accountability Chart right is one of the most critical foundational components of creating a successful A-Player System and also maximizing velocity in filling your organization with Great People, the first of the Five Obsessions of Elite Organizations®.

In this video, Next Level Growth Founder, Michael Erath, breaks down the key things you need to focus on when building out your Next Level Accountability Chart as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

Weekly Tactical Meetings

Weekly Tactical Meetings are a great way to keep teams aligned, ensure numbers and priorities are on track, and have dedicated time to unpack and address important issues that came up over the prior week.

In the beginning, most organizations struggle with running these meetings well, because the discipline required to create a highly valuable meeting is new to most people. With practice, and using your Next Level Growth Business Guide for help, these meetings will become one of the key components of your success.

Daily Huddles

Beyond Leaders and Mid-Managers, getting employees engaged in Daily Huddles can be a key ingredient in creating organizational alignment, buy-in, and really getting to the underlying issues that are often too far removed from Leadership for leaders to successfully address.

Hear from Next Level Growth Founder, Michael Erath, on how his company used to run Daily Huddles, the benefit that came from them, and how to roll them out in your own organization.

Quarterly Calibrations

The Quarterly Calibration process between leaders, managers and direct reports is critical in creating a Culture of Performance while at the same time strengthening the culture of the organization.

In this short video, you will hear from Next Level Growth Founder, Michael Erath, on how to make sure there is strong accountability for ensuring these Quarterly Calibrations are happening, and also making sure the information is being tracked and reported on effectively.

The State of The Climb

Communicating your organizations Strategic Vision and Path to the Summit is not just a one-time thing. It needs to be repeated often. The Quarterly State of the Climb is a very impactful, all-hands meeting led by the Senior Executive Team to revisit and re-communicate the Strategic Vision, update employees on progress being made toward the 3-5 Year Vision, the Annual Growth Plan, and the Quarterly Priorities, as well as allowing time for them to as questions. This is best done when you can utilize a Town Hall format to create conversations.

For additional examples, please watch the sample videos in the Inspiring Purpose playlist on our YouTube channel